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    Maurice Fred Sines is an experienced business leader, and the the owner of Sines Parks and Leisure Parks luxury mobile home communities.

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    Fred Sines is a talented entrepreneur and highly skilled businessman who serves as the Company Director of the Sines Parks Home Group, based in Surrey, England. Fred has cultivated and interest in and talent for business since he was a young boy. Fred has always been inspired by his father and namesake. He dropped out of school at the young age of twelve and moved on to manage a nursery when he was sixteen. He grew his skills and climbed the ranks, eventually earning enough money to buy his first park. Fred has followed in his father's footsteps and is now a leading name in the luxury parks industry.


    Today, Fred Sines works at the Pilgrims Retreat office, one of Sines Parks many locations. His company brings over four decades of in-depth experience to the table. His group prioritises creating dream homes that are luxurious, safe, and comfortable for those who have recently retired. The homes are located in an incredible variety of stunning scenic locations. Some are located near forests, other near lakes. Each park is unique and offers something for everyone. For example, one of the parks is even dog friendly, one of very few in the region. Fred is truly one of the great innovative minds of the industry.


    Fred Sines is a strong believe that a little dedication goes a long way. He believes that when combined with perseverance and a little business savvy, skills can easily outweigh a university degree. His hard work is what separates Fred from so many of his industry competitors. Much of his success stems from his drive to succeed and the hours of intensive labour he has poured into improving the many parks. Today, the many residents are happy to call Sines Parks home! They are know for their tight-knit yet welcoming communities, many available activities, and safe atmosphere.


    You can keep up with Fred Sines by finding him on social media or reading more on his websites.


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